torsdag 31 januari 2013

Vad ska man säga...tack för kloka barn!

Jag fick detta meddelande häromdagen av min yngsta dotter M, 14 år via facebook. Ska man skratta eller gråta? Jag gråter av glädje för mina kloka små barn! 

                      I´m sorry parents

Sorry that I ask for band merche once in a while in stead of $500 dollar dresses.

Sorry that I want to go to concerts maybe once every other two months instead of partying every weekend.

Sorry that I spend my money on skinny jeans instead of drugs like so many other teens.

Sorry that I spend a lot of time on my room on my laptop instead of getting drunk and hooking up with randoms.

Sorry that I sometimes asks to go a friends house instead of just getting up and leaving without warning.

Sorry that I cover my bedroom walls with posters of band instead of shirtless guys.

Sorry that I wear skinny jeans and hoodies instead of short shorts and a t-shirt that could practically be a bra.

Sorry that I blast music instead of trying sneak into clubs.

Sorry that I´m not what everybody excepts teens to be like these days.

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